Thoracic Surgery Specialty Center

The Lung Cancer Evaluation Center — also called the LCEC — provides a comprehensive service for people who have x-ray test results with abnormalities that may indicate the presence of lung cancer, and for those who have a known diagnosis of lung cancer.

We use a team approach involving different medical specialties, and that's why we describe our service as multi-disciplinary. We believe this approach is the best way to take care of our patients, and to give them all the benefits of Stony Brook Medicine.

During each evaluation, our team of specialists works closely together to develop a treatment plan, which minimizes any inconvenience to our patients, and also maximizes the quality of care they receive here.

At Stony Brook, we are committed to providing the most sophisticated, compassionate care available today for the management of lung cancer.

Please click here to visit the website of the Lung Cancer Evaluation Center.