Neurology: Neuropsychology

Tom Preston, PhD.

Section Head: Thomas Preston, PhD

Faculty in the Neuropsychology Section assist all of the other neuroscience disciplines to examine cognitive and behavioral functions in patients. Studies are performed using several different methods, including detailed behavioral descriptions of normal information processing and behavioral deficits following damage or disease. The integration of these methods provides complementary information about functional localization. 

We specialize in the examination of the relationships between brain function and behavior in a wide variety of neurological and neuro-developmental conditions. Neuropsychological assessment has two main purposes.  First, it helps us to clarify diagnoses and describe more specifically the effect of the given diagnosis on an individual's cognitive and behavioral functions.  Second, it helps us to develop plans for helping both adults and young people to cope with the demands of work (or school) and the social world. On the basis of these assessments, we provide support and recommendations to assist with educational and vocational interventions.

Thomas Preston, PhD
Mark Lebowitz, PhD
Emily Roseman, PhD