Neurology: Movement Disorders

Director: Guy Schwartz, MD

Movement Disorders is a clinical branch of the neurosciences which deals with the neurodegenerative, hereditary, medication-induced and other acquired disorders of the basal ganglia, a structure deep within the brain which functions in the central processing of movements and locomotion. The treatment of patients with movement disorders focuses on ameliorating involuntary movements, such as tremor, dystonia, and chorea, with the goal of rendering functional improvement in daily life activities.

The mission of the Movement Disorders Section at Stony Brook University Medical Center is to provide our community with the neurological expertise essential for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of the movement disorders. Our team consists of several collaborating specialists, including fellowship-trained movement disorders neurologists, functional neurosurgeon, neuropsychologists, a medical geneticist, social workers, nuclear medicine radiologists, and researchers. These specialists provide expertise in the diagnosis of movement disorders, through clinical examination, genetic testing, as well as neuro-imaging using dopamine transporter-SPECT brain scanning. They are also skilled in the treatment of movement disorders, through pharmacotherapy, botulinum toxin therapy, intra-jujendal carbidopa-levodopa (Duopa™), and deep brain stimulation surgery. Several of our faculty members are also involved in basic and clinical research, with the aim of advancing our understanding of the neural underpinnings of the movement disorders.

Specific Conditions Treated:

Parkinson’s disease and related parkinsonian disorders
essential tremor and other tremor disorders
dystonia syndromes
Huntington’s disease and other disorders of chorea
tardive dyskinesia and other medication-induced tardive syndromes
Tourette’s syndrome and other tic disorders

Related Research at Stony Brook University Medical Center and SUNY at Stony Brook: There is substantial interest in movement disorders research among basic and clinical scientists at our institution, including:

Craig Evinger, PhD (Neurobiology)
Hoi-Cheung Leung, PhD (Psychology)
Lisa Muratori, PhD, EdD (Physical Therapy)
Guy Schwartz, MD (Neurology)

To schedule an appointment with one of our team members, please contact Isabel at 631.444.2599.