Patricia Firman


Community service is a hallmark of Stony Brook University Hospital. But when it comes to service to others, not many stories can match Patricia Firman’s. In July 2009, she donated a kidney to a friend.

Patricia, the VP SUNY PA Procurement Officer II, was 11 years old when she first met this friend of the family. Both he and Patricia’s father were ordained together and serve as deacons in the Church. Both families worked together and vacationed together. Patricia felt that this bond of faith brought her to donate her kidney to a good friend. She knew she was destined to give this man her kidney when she found out his blood type was 0-, the same as hers.

Patricia completed all necessary testing and it was determined that she was the perfect match and was able to donate her kidney. 

“He was amazed that I would even considerate it,” Patricia said.

“It’s a wonderful thing to give someone the gift of life. It was the most fulfilling gratifying experience to be the donor.  

“It is the selflessness that is the rewarding part for anybody who does a community service,” she said. “Whether it be donating of an organ or volunteering to be an emotional support for those in need or those going through a crisis like Sandy victims or anything of that nature  it is so much better than being on the receiving end.”