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Sponsored Projects


Here is a list of some projects that have been sponsored by the Stony Brook University Hospital Auxiliary from 2014-2016

Project Total
UroNav System $188,574
Topera RhythmView $179,750
Hope Program Sponsorship $5,000
Yarn for Baby Hats, Blankets $2,332
AccVein Illumination Systen $27,841
NOMAD X-Ray $19,395
SNAC Program (FSA) $800
Contrast Injector $19,024
M7 Ultrasound $47,000
CORTRAK2 System $28,334.40
SBM's 100,000th Baby $500.00
Panorex X-Ray Machine $32,189.61

For a full listing of all sponsorships and donations, you can download our Annual Report here:

2013-2014 Report

2014-2015 Report