Chronic Care Management Program

A new program recommended by North Suffolk Cardiology

Benefits of the Chronic Care Management Program:

We have partnered with your physician(s) to offer you a great new program that will help you, your family, and all your doctors better manage your healthcare.

•  Medicare covers a full-service care coordination program (patient may be responsible for a small portion)
•  Available to patients with 2 or more chronic conditions (expected to last 12 months)
•  Improved communication among all of your health care providers
•  Monthly contact with your physician's clinical support team to see if you have any questions regarding medications, communicating changes in your healthcare and scheduling appointments
•  A decreased burden for family members involved in your healthcare

After speaking with your doctor regarding your eligibility, signed consent is required to start services

Your Physician's Clinical Support Team Will:

•  Ensure that ongoing attention is paid to your medical care needs between visits to your primary care physician
•  Establish new care with medical specialists and community resources
•  Coordinate your care and health records
•  Inform you when it’s time to receive preventive services and immunizations
•  Help you understand your medications and conditions
•  Ensure your doctors and family have easy access to your Care Plan


Common Questions

Will the program cost me anything?

The majority of the Chronic Care Management service is covered by Medicare, but depending on your plan, you may be responsible for a portion (up to 20%, or about $10 per month). If you have supplemental coverage, your portion may be reduced or at no cost.

Why Chronic Care Management?

• According to the CDC, 3 in 4 Americans aged 65 and older have multiple chronic conditions (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis) that require ongoing medical attention.
• As the number of chronic conditions increases, patients have more doctor visits, take more medications, and face significant out-of-pocket costs.
• About 1 in 10 hospital stays could have been prevented with better management of chronic conditions, according to a report by the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality.


To learn more about this program or to see if you are eligible, please contact (631) 941-2000