Diagnostic Testing

Island Fertility offers a full range of diagnostic testing and most of these are done in our facility.  Diagnostic testing usually consists of a semen analysis, bloodwork for both male and female partners, sonograms for female patients, and imaging for female patients. Most diagnostic testing is covered by insurance and is either non-invasive or minimally invasive.

Semen Analysis

Consists of scheduling a date and time that is convenient for you to provide a semen sample that is ejaculated directly into a sterile specimen cup.  This test must be performed with 2-7 days abstinence from sex or masturbation.

The semen sample is then analyzed for several things:

  • Volume
  • Estimation of sperm contained in the sample
  • Percentage of sperm that are swimming
  • Observation of the sperm swim pattern

From these measurements, your reproductive endocrinologist can determine the likelihood of you conceiving on your own and the likelihood of success with various fertility treatments.

Testicular Function Testing

Consists of a simple blood sample drawn either in our office or at an outside laboratory.

Ovarian Function Testing

Consists of a blood test and sonogram performed at a specific point in your menstrual cycle.

Uterine Imaging

Consists of saline being placed in the uterus through a catheter and a sonogram.

Fallopian Tube Imaging

Consists of a visit to a radiologist (we have one on-site) and contrast imaging of the fallopian tubes to help determine if they are open or closed.

Uterine Biopsy

Consists of a sample of tissue being removed from the uterine lining (endometrium) and sent out for pathological testing to determine if the cells are normal or abnormal.