While there are some patients who have known since they were young that based on their medical history they would need fertility treatment to conceive, most patients are not prepared. For those patients who have just recently learned that they are now having or will in the future have trouble conceiving, this can be a very challenging time. Our team is here to guide you through this difficult time in your life. Island Fertility treats all types of patients who are trying to conceive as well as those who have just learned that they may have trouble conceiving in the future, including:

We recommend seeing an infertility specialist early in your journey to parenthood. In some cases, even patients who have no trouble conceiving may require genetic testing and/or genetic counseling, especially if you have experienced a miscarriage. Cancer patients should schedule a new patient appointment as soon as you are diagnosed to have the best chance of preserving their fertility. Newly diagnosed cancer patients and patients facing medical intervention that may cause infertility are given priority scheduling and in most cases can be seen same-day.

Call our office to schedule a new patient appointment. You will provide some basic information to our staff for you and your partner (if applicable). You will be provided login information for our patient portal where you and your partner (if applicable) will complete your medical history. This must be complete prior to your appointment date so that the doctor can review it with you at your appointment.

Heterosexual Couples

Heterosexual couples seeking treatment may have the option of using their own eggs and sperm for their treatment, which opens up all ranges of treatment from timed-intercourse (TI) to IVF. Many patients in this group find that simply regulating menstrual cycles with lifestyle management or medication allows them to conceive naturally after treatment. When issues are a little more complex there is IUI. When issues are even more complex there is IVF. We offer all of these treatment options and more. 

Same-Sex Couples

Female, same-sex couples often can be treated with IUI and donor sperm and may or may not require regulation of the menstrual cycle with lifestyle management or medication. For some patients IVF is the best option medically. Some couples chose to go through IVF so that one partner may carry the baby using the eggs of the other partner.

Male, same-sex couples will have to use IVF with an egg donor and gestational carrier. Island Fertility offers all of these treatment options and more.

We offer all of these treatment options and more.

Single Women

Many single women chose to begin their journey to parenthood with donor sperm. Most of these patients will be successful after the regulation of the menstrual cycle with lifestyle management or medication followed by IUI. For those patients that have more challenging fertility issues, IVF with donor sperm is a good alternative. We offer all of these treatment options and more. 

Individuals and Couples Carrying Inherited Genes Disorders or Chromosomal Anomalies

Cancer patients and Individuals facing disease or treatments, which may impair their fertility in the future

Many diseases and disorders or their treatments have the potential to cause infertility in the future in both men and women. Newly diagnosed patients usually have a limited period of time for fertility preservation before their treatment begins. This means they should discuss their options with a reproductive endocrinologist as soon as possible after diagnosis. We will make same-day appointments for patients in this situation.

Cancer patients are in a unique position when it comes to their fertility options. Many cancer treatments will cause infertility or even sterility after treatment. As stated above, newly diagnosed patients should begin talking to a reproductive endocrinologist as soon as possible to ensure they have the option to preserve their fertility prior to treatment. For patients who had cancer at any point in the past, fertility treatments can help them establish a healthy pregnancy. We treat many patients in this situation successfully with both IUI and/or IVF.

Individuals and couples carrying inherited genes disorders or chromosomal anomalies

We are living in an age of amazing genetic testing options. All patients looking to conceive should have prenatal genetic testing to rule out the potential for your children inheriting hidden diseases and disorders from the egg and/or the sperm. Prenatal genetic testing is standard for all Island Fertility patients.

Healthy, young men and women who wish to preserve their options for the future

The same fertility preservation treatments that are available to patients suffering from diseases or disorders which may cause infertility are available to healthy young men and women as well. These patients can choose to preserve their fertility options for the future to help them.