Introducing Biometrics and G210 InviCell to Island Fertility

Dr. Trivax and Dr. Stelling are excited to introduce you to the newest technology currently being implemented in our Commack facility.


The first addition into our practice is a lab management technology called Biometrics. It streamlines and simplifies the laboratory experience for our scientists and protects patients from potential breaks in the chain of custody. It is an intuitive system which anticipates any events that may go awry in order to prevent them. Using biometric technology, the system allows patients to sign in with their fingerprint and confirm their QR coded sample labels prior to handling by our team. This puts the control over their specimens back in the patients’ hands where it belongs. In addition, it streamlines workflow for the Island Fertility staff at every workstation so that they can focus on caring for patients.


We are also introducing G210 InviCell, long term incubators to our practice. One of the most successful incubators on the market, it is backed by 20 years of human embryo incubation research. It defines, creates, sustains and monitors the optimal environment for embryos.  It does this in individual chambers which allows each of our patients’ embryos to occupy their own, unique home for the time they are with us.  This multi-chamber design allows our embryologists to perform their duties without disturbing embryos unnecessarily.

These two new technologies, along with our expertise in fertility, will make our patient experience streamlined, more enjoyable and increase patients’ chances of conceiving a healthy pregnancy.

If you’re considering getting assistance from a fertility specialist, choose Island Fertility. Contact us today at 631.203.8928.

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