Fertility Preservation


For male patients with normal ejaculatory function and normal sperm concentration in their semen sample, preservation is as simple as ejaculating into a specimen cup and delivering the sample to us for cryopreservation.  For male patients with less than normal sperm concentrations in their semen sample and/or ejaculatory dysfunction fine needle biopsy or microsurgical biopsy of the testes may be necessary to obtain sperm for cryopreservation.  The frozen sperm can then remain in storage for many years.


For female patients fertility preservation requires egg retrieval after monitoring for development of the egg or after stimulation of the ovaries to produce more than one egg and careful monitoring in our office.  This process takes about 2 weeks.  The retrieved eggs are then vitrified and may remain in storage for many years.


For patients that have already found the partner they will be starting a family with in the future, they may choose to undergo routine IVF and vitrify embryos for long term storage until they are ready to conceive.