Recognizing Love & Fertility on Valentine’s Day 

Island Fertility wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day!  It is the perfect holiday to help you celebrate love and fertility and to keep that spirit alive, all year long.  Whether you, a friend or loved one is dealing with infertility, let’s take this time to join together and celebrate the successes and journeys that growing a family brings.  

An increasing number of people are sharing their fertility journeys, some even dedicating their lives to helping others after their own journey. One such mama is Jenna Kutcher, who took her vast audience on her family’s infertility journey with her. Support and advocacy organizations like RESOLVE also give those with infertility a place to unite and get empowered. Such accounts help those on a fertility journey find strength.

But sometimes we need daily reminders that this is a journey of love. And what better way to remember love than
V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E-S D-A-Y? Feel free to share this acronym with your family and support team:

Validate feelings of hopefulness by sharing your story to inspire others
Always be ready to welcome the small and large triumphs along the way 
Love yourself, your family, your partner and your life, just as it is
Engage with other people who are dealing with fertility struggles
Never give up hope because there is always a way 
Thank your support team for all of the love they provide, each and every day
Invite positivity into your world, knowing that good can happen
Night and day, be ready and prepared to fight for what you dream of
Even in the darkest hours, know that there is another day coming soon
Smile and receive love right back

Do something just for you every day: listen to music, journal your feelings
Approach the challenge with grace, knowledge and hope for the future
You are amazing and worthy and one of a kind! 

Island Fertility is your partner in fertility.  We are here to listen and support you with the latest technology and medical advice.  We have the experience and sensitivity to guide you through this life changing journey.  We know your dreams and we can help alleviate your fears and worries.  We have walked through this with many people and couples and when you’re ready, we are here for you. 

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