Emotional Health and Fertility

Having a healthy body is important in order to increase the chances of conceiving. However, when a couple has been trying and has had little success, it’s natural to feel disappointed and discouraged at times. The effects that they have on behavior can be very real, as well as the physical effect on the body. In addition, feelings and emotions can trigger certain hormones, which can have a negative effect on the body’s systems, including the reproductive system. 


Let’s take a look at some emotions and feelings and the impact that they can have on the reproductive system. 

1. Depression: When a couple has a hard time conceiving, depression can set in. If they go to their primary doctor and request medication, then there is a chance for both the man and woman in the relationship to have their fertility further affected. 

If one or both parties has experienced depression previously it is possible that their depression is being treated with medication. In this case, they are encouraged to have their medications assessed by a fertility specialist to see how much of an impact they may be having and what their options going forward are. Our doctors will work with your other healthcare professionals on a plan that is safe for you to continue on while trying to conceive.

Depression is not only psychological. It can have an impact on how the affected person behaves and the choices they make from day to day. 
For example, depression can have an impact on appetite which can cause the person to gain or lose weight to cope with the emotions experienced. Either side of the spectrum will have a negative impact on fertility. 

Finally, when a person is depressed, their libido tends to go down and chances of conception are lowered even further. 

2. Stress: Stress has a physical effect on the adrenal glands which release cortisol and adrenaline in response to it. When triggered regularly, stress can lead to adrenal burnout, which has a negative effect on thyroid health, hormonal levels, and emotional stability. While you can’t avoid stress, managing it in a healthy manner – exercise, meditation, healthy eating – can help have a positive effect on fertility. 

What can I do to maintain emotional health? 

First, if you think you may be experiencing depression, seek help immediately. We can provide you with referrals to professionals who treat depression if necessary. Otherwise, some simple lifestyle changes can have a big impact on how emotional well-being is affected. Bettering your diet can help improve your life in a variety of ways, including your fertility. When your diet is high in junk food that has a lot of sugar; the high levels have a negative impact on female fertility and male sperm counts. Additionally, excess sugar can put you at more risk of developing depression and anxiety. Drinking too much caffeine can impact a woman’s ability to conceive as well.

Finally, the implementation of mind-body practices such as yoga, meditation or journaling are highly encouraged. They are scientifically backed up to be proven to show that they have a positive impact on fertility. 

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