Healthy Ways of Dealing with Stress

Whether there’s a stress awareness holiday or not, stress is prevalent in our society. It used to serve us in a healthy way when ‘dangerous’ situations would arise and the physical need to run away was present. However, stress is more of a mental battle in this day and age. There are deadlines that need to be met and social situations which we may not want to face. The physical signs of stress are not relieved and the hormones that are released become stored up and wreak havoc on our health.


There are several ways to cope with stress that don’t involve medication. 

While there are health conditions such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that can trigger similar responses in the body and will need to be diagnosed by a qualified professional, there are ways that the stresses of daily living can be addressed. 

1.    Set the tone for your day

Many Americans are shallow breathers. Breathing a little more in your day doesn’t pose a health threat. In fact, it’s vital to your health. Before you step out of bed, take a few minutes to take 10 deep breaths to kickstart a soothing day. The more we breathe, the more our bodies are able to cope with stress. When you exhale longer than you inhale, your body relaxes more. 

If you’re afforded the time, download a meditation app, like Insight Timer, and follow a 5-10 minute guided meditation while in bed. It will relax your mind and body. 

2.    Stay away from your phone 30 minutes before bed time and 30 minutes immediately after waking up.

It makes a difference. Today, phones are more than just phones. They are work emails, texts from colleagues or loved ones, missed phone calls, and social media notifications – they add up to be a jarring shock to the system first thing in the morning and right before you close your eyes at night. Let the body unwind into a restful state. 

3.    Give your body the food it deserves and stay away from food that doesn’t serve it.

Every body is different. If you have a slight irritation when consuming nuts or dairy but enjoy having them, save them for a special occasion or cut them out. If you are going to consume them, do it during a time when you’re not going to be in a stressful environment, like work. 

There are foods and substances that affect majority of the population too. Don’t consume stimulants such as caffeine or nicotine close to bedtime, since they can make falling asleep difficult. An adequate amount of sleep is vital to the body being able to regulate stress levels as well. 

Some foods which promote stress relief include: 
●    Berries
●    Yogurt
●    Herbal tea
●    Asparagus
●    Cashews
●    Avocados

Some foods that ‘feed’ stress include:
●    Processed foods
●    Fried Foods
●    Refined Sugars
●    Alcohol
●    Caffeinated beverages

For those having trouble conceiving, simple stress-relievers as listed above practiced consistently over time can contribute to realizing the dream of starting or growing a family.
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