Accountable Care Organizations

We know it can be a burden to repeat the same health history information over and over again to different healthcare providers. And it’s frustrating to have to go for the same test twice. We also understand the anxiety caused by having to be hospitalized or be seen in an emergency setting when the situation could have been avoided. By following best clinical practices and protocols, the physician practices in the Stony Brook Community Medical network can help minimize and virtually eliminate these unpleasant occurrences while providing you with high quality care to help ensure the best outcomes.

One way we are able to achieve these goals is by being part of what’s called an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). As part of an ACO, the Stony Brook Community Medical network of physicians uses many new, state-of-the-art tools and procedures that help monitor and analyze the healthcare services we provide to you. While focusing our care on you as an individual, we can also use this knowledge to impact and improve healthcare for thousands of people on Long Island through better coordination of chronic disease conditions such as diabetes and heart failure.

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