Sabtain Bukhari, Neil Mendoza, Marvin Johnson and Eric Morley Named Employees of the Month

The May Employee of the Month was awarded to Sabtain Bukhari, Hospital Attendant in the Department of Custodial Services. June’s Employee of the Month was awarded to Neil Mendoza, Senior Programmer Analyst. Marvin Johnson, Sterile Supply Technician in the Support Services Department for the Ambulatory Care Pavilion, received the award for September. Dr. Eric Morley, Medical Director for Emergency Department Operations, was honored as the Employee of Month for October.

Sabtain’s nomination was based on his always positive attitude and tireless efforts keeping the hospital safe and clean.

Tara Villatoro, Courier Services Manager and Dispatcher, said, “Mr. Bukhari does an excellent job maintaining the department(s) that I assist in on Level 1. He is always respectful, friendly and cooperative. Mr. Bukhari never complains and is always very polite towards other staff members.”

Karen Wolfer, Manager in Supply Management Services, said, “[Sabtain] always comes into our department and makes sure we are happy with the job he has done and to see if there is anything we need him to do. When Sabtain is off we all feel it down here on Level 1.”

Patricia Ortiz-Rios of Materials Management recognized Sabtain for his patience and thoughtfulness.

“[Sabtain] keeps the place so clean, he never complains about the mess that people leave behind,” she said. “He also takes very good care of my department, always there with a smile cleaning up. He even comes at one o’clock after lunch so there isn’t food left in the garbage overnight. We all love him down here!”

The June Employee of the Month, Neil Mendoza, was nominated by his colleagues due to his vast programming knowledge and cooperative nature. His knowledge and creativity have helped to improve the efficiency of operations within the hospital.

Gerald Kelly, DO, Chief Medical Information Officer, said, “[Neil] has incredible talent, which means that we often ask him to solve many of our most difficult challenges. What makes Neil stand out is that he takes the time to understand the clinical workflow and clinical need to create a product that helps our clinicians and administration address important initiatives.

“He has recently created a view that tracks all the patients that receive restraints in the hospital in order to better ensure their care is properly administered and recorded,” Dr. Kelly said. “He is also part of a team that created Sepsis alert to help identify patients at risk.”

Katherine Collard, Chief Nursing Information Officer, said, “Neil has amazing talent to program and always takes the time to understand the clinical workflow. He is efficient in his completion of work and does an excellent job.

“Recently he turned around the creation of a restraint MPage in a manner of hours,” Kathy said. “It is people like Neil who will move Stony Brook to the top decile. Neil is pleasant, cooperative, and full of good ideas.”

Mathew Tharakan, MD, FACP, Associate Chief Medical Information Officer, praises Neil’s “can-do” attitude.

“Neil is our go-to guy for everything custom at Stony Brook,” Dr. Tharakan said. “There is nothing hard for him; it’s always ‘I can do that.’ He consistently takes time to understand what end users need, and then he creates the best solutions for them.

“Neil is consistently high performing and dedicated, and he takes pride in his work. He has been key in creating many of the MPages that we use on a daily basis.”

Susan Robbins, RN, MS, of Clinical Transformation describes working with Neil on a recent project: “Recently the Informatics department was asked to work on a project to meet regulatory requirements and improve the care we provide our patients. Neil Mendoza made a dedicated effort to go above and beyond and produce high-quality results in a short time frame, with multiple requested edits and revisions. He is an excellent team player and a pleasure to work with.”

September’s Employee of the Month, Marvin Johnson, Sterile Supply Technician, was nominated by his colleagues in the Ambulatory Care Pavilion for his outstanding work ethic and his constant willingness to go the extra mile for staff and patients with a smile.

Barbara McByrne, Operations Manager for Stony Brook Cancer Center, said, “Marvin has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and an amazing work ethic. Marvin’s work here is consistently excellent; he is an absolute favorite of the staff and is wonderful with our patients. His willingness to assist anyone (staff, patients needing a tire change, you name it) is positively legendary in the Cancer Center. Marvin is not only an asset to the operations of the Cancer Center, he means the world to all of us.”

Terri Quinn, Director of Special Events and Cause Marketing for the Cancer Center, said, “I have worked with Marvin on numerous occasions whenever we are in need of staging the lobby of the Cancer Center for an event, photo and check presentation or a community/patient education program. He is a very personable, hardworking, always prompt, respectful and courteous to each and every staff member, volunteer or patient that he encounters, and his work ethic and competence are beyond question.”

Darlene Rastelli, MS, RTRM, Assistant Director of Radiology Breast Services, said, “Marvin is an outstanding employee. He goes above and beyond every day and is always cheerful and welcoming to everyone he endures throughout his work shift. He is always willing to lend a helping hand and truly is exceptional. Everyone needs a ‘Marvin’ in their department. He truly makes a difference every day.”

Linda Bily, Director of Patient Advocacy and Community Outreach for Cancer Services, said, “Marvin is the model employee. He is always on time, works hard with limited supervision and genuinely cares for all the employees in our building. He is respected by staff, visitors and patients alike. He greets the patients by name, is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone here and is a ray of sunshine in a difficult patient care area. Marvin is unfailingly polite, always positive and thinks nothing of spending his lunch hour helping a colleague with a car problem, or lifting a heavy box or offering suggestions to improve our service. He volunteers his time to help staff on evenings and weekends when necessary. He also donates time to bring clothing, food and household goods to a local church ministry and food pantry. Marvin exemplifies what is good about Stony Brook. It is an honor to call him a colleague.”

In October, Dr. Eric Morley, Medical Director for Emergency Department Operations, was recognized as the Employee of the Month. He received overwhelming support for his nomination from many staff members for his drive in advancing the quality of service provided in the ED; advocating for the timely, safe and compassionate care of patients; and initiating multiple projects to enhance patient throughput.

Carol Gomes, MS, FACHE, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Quality Officer, said, “Dr. Morley brings a refreshing approach to improve patient throughput in the Emergency Department. His willingness to improve performance and try new approaches while continually supporting staff is embraced by his colleagues.”

Most recently, Dr. Morley spearheaded the implementation of a Rapid Access Protocol (RAP), which places a nurse practitioner adjacent to triage to ensure a rapid clinical exam by the provider, reducing door-to-practitioner time.

Eric Neigelberg, Associate Director of Operations for Emergency Services and Internal Medicine, said, “Dr. Morley has also put in place strategies to maximize Emergency Department observation, which will take the burden off of some of the inpatient units as patients will be treated and then discharged from the ED observation unit. Dr. Morley is an active lead on multiple hospital-wide throughput initiatives.”

Quality Management Practitioners Ashley Boltrek, MS, CLSSBB,  and Christine Northam-Schuhmacher, RN, MS, noted, “Dr. Morley continuously works to cultivate collaborative relationships with other services and disciplines for all aspects of care in an effort to efficiently address patient needs and improve outcomes. His enthusiasm to work in partnership with peers to strive for excellence and his determination to champion quality improvement are infectious.”

The ED Nursing Leadership Team finds Dr. Morley to be a partner, colleague, advocate and an overall champion for emergency medicine. “Dr. Morley’s impact in the ED and with this team is truly evident in his daily interactions. He is confident, caring and has had positive interactions with staff, patients and their families from day one.”

Congratulations, Sabtain, Neil, Marvin and Eric! Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated by the Stony Brook Medicine community.


Subtain Bukhari

From left, Carol Gomes, Sabtain Bukhari and Clifford Roggemann

Neil Mendoza

From left, Beverley O’Connor, Neil Mendoza, Katherine Collard and Carol Gomes

Marvin Johnson

From left, Carol Gomes, Julia Mischo and Marvin Johnson

Eric Morley

Carol Gomes (left) and Eric Morley (right)

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