Nurses’ Quality Work Earns National Recognition

Today’s guest blog is from Mary Ann Donohue-Ryan, PhD, RN, Chief Patient Care Services Officer, who recognizes two of our top performing nurses whose work is being recognized on a national stage:
“We are proud of our Stony Brook Nurses for the caring, compassion and intelligent acts that make a difference in patient care every day. Two of our nurses received word that their abstract, ‘Leveraging Our Resuscitation Data to Improve Patient Care in Neonates,’ was accepted for presentation at the 2016 American Nurses Association Conference: Quality, Safety and Staffing.
“More than 500 abstracts from across the country were reviewed, and theirs was selected for poster presentation. The conference is scheduled for March 2016 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The two nurses are Lynn Marie Antonawich MS, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing for the NICU, and Grace Propper, MS, RN, Quality Management Practitioner in the Department of Continuous Quality Improvement.
“Their work involves focus on delivery room management. A dedicated RN was provided to the delivery room for high-risk deliveries, a skills lab was created for all resident physicians, equipment was standardized and a unit de-briefing huddle was formed so that pending deliveries and the appropriate staffing would occur.
“Finally, the team uses a delivery room triage algorithm. This helps to identify the correct type of team member, based on the anticipated needs of the baby whose birth is pending, and whose needs are quite complex.
“Kudos to Lynn and Grace! We are so proud of your efforts and will look forward to hearing of your presentation at the conference next spring.”
And thank you, Mary Ann, for highlighting this excellent clinical research and improvement.

Lynn Marie Antonawich MS, RN

Lynn Marie Antonawich MS, RN
Assistant Director of Nursing for the NICU

Grace Propper, MS, RN

Grace Propper, MS, RN
Quality Management Practitioner
Department of Continuous Quality Improvement

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