Trauma Center


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    Trauma and Emergency Services at Stony Brook Medicine 
    Right Place, Right Time

    With trauma and emergency services, where you seek treatment really matters. That’s because with major trauma, every second counts. We’re talking about injuries from motor vehicle crashes, falls from height or down stairs, burns, and combined or multisystem injuries. For these you need an expert team with the experience and technology to make a quick and correct diagnosis. You need dedicated operating rooms with trauma surgeons available 24/7. You need unlimited access to a blood supply and immediate access to trauma specialists and emergency physicians, as well as experts from a wide variety of medical specialties. And you need it fast — every day of the year, every hour of the night.

    With minor emergencies, you need the expertise, sophisticated processes and gold standard procedures in place to keep minor things minor so you can get back to your life as quickly as possible without complications. 

    For both, there’s Stony Book Medicine. Not only have we been Suffolk County’s only Level 1 Trauma Center for the past 20 years – meaning that we care for the most critical patients – but recent statistics show that Stony Brook is one of two hospitals in New York with the best survival rates for seriously injured patients among all the trauma centers in the state. This includes Manhattan and all of Long Island. If you are sick or injured, Stony Brook is where you want to be.


    Call 911

    In a true emergency, make 911 your first call. If you are unsure, call anyway. To see what constitutes a medical emergency, click here.