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We are a diverse group of men and women dedicated to the patients of Stony Brook Medicine

Executive Board Members 2014-2015

Karen Villanueva-Walsh President
Barbara Delfyett First Vice President
Loraine Sommer Second Vice President
Pat Macarchuk Treasurer
Uta Dee Recording Secretary
Elena Middleton Corresponding Secretary
Janice Rohlf Past President

Committee Chairs:

Uta Dee,
Panayiota Doering
Blankets & Baby Hats
Heidi Campani Baby Portraits
Linda Shamash Community Outreach
Gloria Snyder,
Karen Villanueva-Walsh
Gift Shop Liaisons
Barbara Delfyett Hospitality
Janet Hovnanian Nursing Liaison
Panayiota Doering Parliamentarian
Barbara Delfyett Vendors

Corporate Board of Directors:

Reuven Pasternak, MD Chairman
Karen Villanueva- Walsh President, Auxiliary
Barbara Delfyett First Vice President
Janice Rohlf Past President, Auxiliary
Pat Macarchuk Treasurer
Uta Dee Secretary
Mary Samios Member-at-Large
Gary Bie Member
Jason Hsueh Member
Carol Gomes Administrative Liason, Auxiliary

Office Staff - University Hospital Auxiliary:

Toni Kamsler, Administrative Assistant


We are a Member of the Nassau Suffolk Council of Auxiliaries whose purpose is to:

  • Provide a basis for exchange of experience on Auxiliary activities with emphasis on the Nassau/Suffolk area.
  • Develop ways and means of stimulating interests throughout the two counties in hospital auxiliaries and volunteer services.
  • Promote the extension of hospital auxiliary programs for the benefit of the individual hospitals.