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    Stony Brook Medicine is proud to have a nursing staff of more than 1600 nurses who are integral to the successful delivery of quality patient care. Stony Brook nurses are highly competent and skilled professionals who practice in a collaborative environment within a strong interdisciplinary team.  They are core members of our clinical teams and leaders in Stony Brook Medicine’s commitment to a Patient and Family Centered model of care.

    Nurses at Stony Brook have the opportunity to practice in a variety of specialties including medicine, peri-operative and surgical services, intensive care, cardiac services, oncology including bone marrow transplantation and ambulatory services, pediatrics, pediatric and neonatal intensive care, psychiatry, labor & delivery, and ambulatory surgery.  Nurses develop an individualized approach to patient and family centered care, maximizing each patient’s health potential.

    Utilizing a formal shared governance model of practice, nurses play a central role in delivering and maintaining high quality patient care. The mission of our nursing staff is to ensure the provision of nursing care that improves the lives of our patients, families and communities; and to inspire nursing staff to participate in creating work and care environments that are respectful, healing and humane. The Nursing division is committed to fostering and encouraging the conduct of research, promoting and ensuring the education of nursing professionals and setting the expectation that the Division of Nursing will utilize evidenced-based research to enhance and expand clinical knowledge and incorporate best practice, thus assuring the best possible outcomes for our patients. 

    The professionalism of our highly skilled and compassionate nursing staff is ever apparent. Through ongoing partnerships with the interdisciplinary team, nurses continually strive to meet the complex physical, psychosocial, and educational needs of the patients and families entrusted to our care, continually focusing on returning patients to their optimal state of wellness.

    As participants in the many Councils and Committees of our shared governance structure, bedside nurses freely share their voice with nursing leaders, assuring direct involvement in decision making that impacts their clinical practice and advocacy for their patients.

    Professional development and continuous learning are priorities for our nursing staff.  Nursing grand rounds, certification review courses, hospital sponsored conferences, collaborative projects with  Stony Brook’s School of Nursing, and an array of active nursing research projects are but a few of the ongoing educational and professional development opportunities available to our nurses.  Flexible scheduling and financial support for the continuation of formal education are available to support nursing staff.

    Stony Brook Nurses are committed to providing expert care to our patients and their families. We are proud of their ongoing efforts to deliver the highest quality patient care possible, as they continually strive for and maintain excellence in professional nursing practice.