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    Healthy Eating For the Holidays

    See Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here

    Detailed ADA Resource HERE


    General Diabetes Information

    ABC of Diabetes

    Know Your Numbers, What is A1c?

    All About Diabetes (ADA)

    Diabetes (Web based Tutorial), another web based tutorial here

    Newly Diagnosed Diabetics

    Sick Day Rules

    Diabetes and Exercise

    Diabetes Resource Guide (ADA)

    Medicines Used to treat type 2 diabetes

    Logbook, also here here, here and here (for insulin pumpers)

    Pattern Management

    Blood Glucose Meters Reference Guide

    AACE Diabetes Passport In spanish

    High Cholesterol

    NYS Quits (Smoking cessation: FREE Nicotine Patches) , here, and here

    BMI Calculator

    Diabetes Myths

    Diabetes Forecast Magazine

    Stem Cells and diabetes

    Nutritional Supplements in Diabetics (CAM)

    Diabetes & Disabilities AADE TOOL-CHEST


    Diabetes Burnout

    Dealing with Diabetes Burnout

    Dealing with Anger

    Dealing with Depression, and here

    Dealing with Denial

    Coping with Diabetes Burnout, here, and here


    Preventing Diabetes Complications

    Diabetes and Heart and here

    Make The Link between Diabetes and Heart disease and Stroke (ADA)

    Diabetes, Heart Disease & Stroke

    Diabetes and Foot Care, and here

    Keep your Feet & Skin Healthy (NIDDK)

    Diabetic Eye Disease and here, here, and here

    See what the Diabetic with Retinopathy Sees (Diabetic Retinopathy Simulator)

    Diabetic Neuropathy (Nerve Damage) and here

    Erectile DysfunctionOther Sexual & Urologic Problems with Diabetes

    Diabetic Gastroparesis

    Keep your teeth & gums healthy (NIDDK)

    Understanding Diabetes Complications

    Assess Risk for Diabetes Complications (ADA's Diabetes PHD Tool)


    Diabetes in Pregnancy

    Gestational Diabetes(NIDDK guide), Diabetes and Pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes (ADA Guide)

    Pregnancy in Women with Pre-Existing Diabetes also here, here, here , here , here and here

    Special tests for monitoring fetal health in Pregnancy

    Birth defects

    Screening for Birth defects

    Exercise During Pregnancy

    Routine tests during Pregnancy

    How your baby grows during Pregnancy

    Diabetes & Pregnancy E-Card, and here


    Diet/Nutrition Resources

    Eat Right (From ACP guide: Living with Diabetes)

    My Food Advisor

    Interactive Wok (Joslin)

    NIDDK Eating Right with Diabetes

    Carb Counting,  and here

    Portion Sizes, and here

    Diabetes Meal Planning (Interactive web based tutorial)

    Portion Distortion(NIH)

    Healthy Food Shopping List

    Reading Food Labels (Mayo Clinic), here (FDA), here(WebMD) and here (Nemours)

    Eating out, and here

    Meal Planning Guide

    Fast Food Guide

    Watch for Fats in your diet , here and here

    AAPI Asian Indian Food Guide

    Intensive Lifestyle Changes (Diabetes Prevention Program)

    Aim for a Healthy Body Weight

    Healthy recipes


    Diabetes and Alcohol (UpToDate)

    Fructose (Fruit Sugar)

    Eat Right (American Dietetic Association)


    Diabetes and Celiac Disease

    Artificial Sweeteners: Splenda, Aspartame, Sugar Alcohols

    Diabetes and Alcohol

    Weight Loss 'Supplements' (FDA Advisory)

    Weight Loss Tip sheets


    Health Insurance, Rx assistance

    Financial Help for People with Diabetes

    Health Insurance Info for people with diabetes 

    All about Medicaid in New York State

    NY State Medicaid/Family Health Plus Application form

    Family Health Plus

    New York Partnership for Health Insurance Coverage

    Suffolk County Health Centers (Low cost labs, primary care visits for patients without health insurance)

    Walmart $4 generic drug list, Target $4 generic drug list, Walgreen's Rx Savings Club, CVS Rx Savings Pass

    NYS EPIC (Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage Program)

    Prescription Drug Prices in New York State

    Financial Aid for Eye care

    Partnership for Prescription Assistance

    Medicare Coverage of Diabetes Supplies & Services


    Food Stamps & Social Services

    Food Stamps

    Meals on Wheels

    NYS mybenefits website (Information about various benefits available including online application)

    NYS Resource page for Working families (health insurance, food stamps, child care, etc)

    Suffolk County DSS

    Food Stamps application


    Taking Insulin Injections

    Drawing and injecting insulin

    Where to inject insulin?

    How do I Mix Insulins?

    Insulin Delivery devices

    Recognizing Low & High blood sugars

    Low sugar reactions: Recognizing & Treating

    Glucagon Injection (For patients who do NOT feel their lows) poster, video

    Pattern management

    Insulin adjustment (advanced skills for pumpers)


    Diabetes and Exercise

    NIDDK Guide 

    AACE Guide to Physical Activity,

    Diabetes and Exercise

    Exercise (from Diabetes Prevention Program)


    Safely Driving, Flying & Travelling with Diabetes

    Driving License Issues in Diabetics and here

    FAA Guidelines for Pilots with Diabetes

    Diabetes and Travel(NIH)

    Travel Tips, also here, and here

    Diabetes and Disaster Preparednesshere, and here


    Insulin Pump Resources:

    General Comparision of various Insulin Pumps

    Pattern management, and advanced Insulin Adjustment

    Travel with Insulin Pump

    General Info about insulin pumps here, here, here and here

    Specific Pump Manufacturers:

    Medtronic, Animas,  Accuchek spirit, Omnipod, Nipro, Sooil

    "Virtual Pumps"(Online Demos of various Insulin Pumps):

    Medtronic, Animas, Accuchek Spirit, Omnipod

    Logbook for insulin Pump Users

    Emergency Card; Airport card for insulin Pump Users

    Infusion Site Tips

    Carelink software (Medtronic pump/CGM users) and here

    Customer Support Information:

    Medtronic Pump or CGM Users (800-826-2099); Also Bonnie Goldberg 631-241-0404 

    Animas 877-937-7867 (877-YES PUMP); Also Kerry Zorn 516-395-5558

    Omnipod (800-591-3455)

    Accuchek Spirit 800-280-7801


    Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM), or Glucose 'Sensors':

    Medtronic, Dexcom

    ADA Resource Guide to CGM

    LOCAL Pump/Sensor (CGM) Sales Reps:

    PLEASE NOTE that this information is for your convenience ONLY and does NOT represent that Stony Brook Diabetes Center, or any of its employees or the Stony Brook University endorses any of these products or companies.

    Animas (Pump): Stacey Mandello, 516-315-9054,

    Medtronic (Pump & CGM): David Taylor, 631-987-7490,

    Robert Alessi,, 516-312-7889

    Omnipod (Pump): Sharon Goldberg,, 516-761-5802

    Dexcom (CGM): Bernie Hughes,, 862-371-7032


    Resources for Visually Impaired Diabetics

    Lighthouse International and here

    American federation for the blind (AFB) and here and here

    Voice of the Diabetic (NFB) and here

    Review of the "Talking Meters"

    VisionAware (Self Help for visually Impaired & Blind)

    Living with Diabetes & Vision Loss (CDC)

    Assistive Devices for the Visually Impaired: Here & Here

    Resources from ADA

    Resources from AADE


    Diabetes and Foot Care

    Foot care in diabetics (Interactive web based tutorial), pdf file here

    Diabetes and Foot Problems Slideshow

    Overview of Diabetic Foot

    Getting a comfortable shoe, here, here, here, and here

    Orthotics and here

    Diabetic Foot Ulcer

    Bunions, and here

    Hammer Toes Flat Foot

    Charcot's Foot

    How to prevent Losing your Leg


    Diabetes and Kidney Disease

    Diabetes and kidney disease , here and here

    NKF Guide to Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease

    NKF Guide to Diabetes in Advanced Renal Failure patients (Stage 5 CKD)

    Living with Chronic Kidney Disease

    Carb Counting in Kidney Disease


    AAKP Nutrition Counter in Patients with Kidney Disease

    Nutrition in Kidney Disease (CKD Stages 1-4)

    NKF Guide to Eating Out in patients with Kidney disease

    Kidney Transplant

    New Onset Diabetes after renal Transplant (Post Transplantation Diabetes)


    Diabetes in Ethnic Minorities Resources:

    Diabetes in African Americans

    Ten Ways African Americans can Prevent Diabetes

    Diabetes in Native Americans

    Diabetes in Latinos (also see SPANISH resources page)

    AAPI Nutrition guide for Asian Indians

    Canada's Food Guide (in Punjabi)

    Diabetes Prevention & Control for Hispanic Americans (ACP) In Spanish

    Diabetes Prevention & Control (African Americans)

    Joslin Asian American Diabetes Initiative

    Common Myths amongst Asians with Diabetes

    Why do People of Asian Descent Get Diabetes?

    NAACP/NKF Guide: Winning the Fight against Silent Killers (Diabetes and high BP)

    Diabetes & Kidney Disease: A Guide for African Americans

    Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease: A Guide for Native Americans

    Hemoglobin variants and A1c


    Humor (Cartoons)

    Diabetes Health


    Diabetes & Pregnancy E-Card, and here



    Advance Directives

    Low Purine Diet (for GOUT patients)

    Diet and Kidney Stones


    Genetic Landscape of Diabetes

    Ayurvedic Interventions for Diabetes

    FDA warning on Bodybuilding Products

    FDA & Dietary Supplements (GAO Report)

    False Promises and Marketing Scams (Herbal Remedies & Vitamins)


    Lab Locator

    Labcorp, Quest, Enzo, Stony Brook Hospital Satellite Lab

    Long Island Pharmacy Database

    Pill Identifier


    Diabetes in Pets

    Diabetes in Pets (WSU)

    Caring for your Diabetic Cat (VIDEOS)(Cornell)

    Diabetes in Cats (Cornell)

    Diabetes in Cats (PetsPlace)

    Diabetes in Dogs(PetsPlace)

    Merck Veterinary Manual