Academic Centers and Graduate Programs


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    Academic and Research Centers, as well as Graduate Programs, are where some of Stony Brook Medicine's most innovative investigations take place. 

    Stony Brook Medicine fosters an environment of collaboration and interaction between students and researchers, among scientific disciplines and across the theoretical, scientific and clinical disciplines. The focus is on a diverse range of study subjects — from clinical training to infectious disease to molecular medicine in numerous disciplines. The result is a cross-fertilization of ideas and approaches designed to produce breakthrough drugs, lifesaving diagnostics and treatment, and a valuable learning laboratory, as well as masters and doctorate degrees, for tomorrow's science and research leaders.

    Anatomical Sciences

    Biochemistry & Structural Biology

    Biomedical Engineering

    Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases

    Family Violence Education


    Health Services Outcomes

    Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics

    Molecular & Cell Biology

    Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology

    Molecular Genetics & Microbiology